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How to shop your groceries like a pro

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Going on a trip to the supermarket is a tricky task. Admit it, you never go grocery shopping and come out with what you just really came there for, you always come out more than what your shopping list says–like that bag of salty crisps that is “on-sale” or that pack of sugar-filled juice that you got “3 for the price of 1”. You feel so proud of yourself afterwards because you think you got a sweet deal but did you really? Or were you just tricked into consuming more than what you planned?

Here are some ways to help you shop like a pro to save money and choose the healthier option as well:

  1. Make a list and stick with it

Plan ahead of what items you’ll need. It helps to make a meal plan for the week which also includes the odd treat(s) and use it to make your list. And make sure you see through that list and stick with what is only included. This enables you to be more in control as well as stay within the budget.

  1. Eat first, before shopping

Avoid shopping with an empty stomach as it makes you think less rational and reaches for sugary foods. It’s easier to get tempted when you’re hungry. A full bladder helps as well since it gives you less time wandering around the aisles. 

  1. Reach up or crouch down for that product

All items in the supermarket are strategically placed and are always in favour of the best-selling products. Products in the eye-level shelves are those that are best-sellers or at times paid to be placed there by big manufacturers and distributors. It has been already proven that shoppers are less likely to reach up or crouch down and instead stick with those they can easily see and reach regardless of the extra effort yields to the healthier choice. So, instead of just going through the store and reaching for the easier products, opt to stretch up or bend down for the other options laid out for you, it saves you money and it’s a good bit of exercise too!

  1. Don’t be fooled by bargains

Most often than not, manufacturers still make a profit out of those deals that you think are a good cop. Don’t fall for those mindless promotions that are set to trick you because it only makes you buy and consume more and none of it is a win-win situation. When you are faced with more than the usual amount of food, you tend to eat more making you gain those extra bad kilojoules.

  1. Inspect food labels

If you are sceptical about how better options are placed out of your reach, check and compare nutrition panels. You can read more about understanding food labels here (insert link for an article about food labels).

  1. Carry that basket

It’s better to shop using a basket instead of the trolley as it makes you second guess whether it’s worth carrying that extra weight of the unnecessary product. With this in mind, it cuts down impulses to buy items that are not on your list.

  1. Skip the queue and go for the self-checkout

Those products placed by the till are meant to influence you to make an impulse purchase. You don’t really need that chocolate or sweets, don’t add it to your stuff. Avoid that temptation by opting for self-checkout or those “junk-free” checkouts.

  1. Master the layout of the supermarket

If you know where and which aisles the products you need are placed, it will be easier to navigate around the store. This way, you can avoid passing through aisles that will only tempt you to pick out items you won’t need.