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Taste the Australian Food Show - Australian Ambassador to Taiwan Gao Gerui and Australian celebrity chefs on-site cooking

In response to the Australian office’s representative Gary Cowan’s theme at the Australian National Day reception earlier this year, “Share the treasures with Taiwan and create a better future.” Taiwan is a very important trading partner of Australia. Australia is Taiwan’s fourth-largest supplier of agricultural products and food. The main items exported to Taiwan are beef and mutton, cereals, wine and dairy products. Taiwanese consumers are in supermarkets. You can also buy many high-quality ingredients and drinks from Australia.

With Taiwan’s increasing emphasis on food safety, personal health and quality of life, Australia has a pure, non-polluting natural environment, coupled with strict hygiene and safety standards and quarantine checks, making Australia’s rich and safe ingredients and food increasingly vulnerable. Taiwan’s restaurant industry and consumers are welcome.

Gao Gerui stressed that the trade between Australia and Taiwan is the main reason why we can find pure, green, high-quality and trustworthy Australian food and beverages in Taiwanese restaurants, restaurants and households. But the point is, if you are not open to trade and competition, you can’t understand the benefits of trade. Australia’s openness to trade has helped the agricultural sector improve productivity and product quality, as well as higher incomes for farmers and rural areas. At present, two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural products are exported overseas every year. When Taiwan hopes to increase agricultural exports, find new markets and increase rural incomes, continuing the process of agricultural trade liberalization will give Taiwan farmers and consumers more benefits.

I boarded Yushan in October last year and rode a bicycle to Huadong for public welfare. Gao Liru, a representative of the Australian office who is very fluent in Chinese and very fond of food, is an Australian food ambassador with Australian chef Harley Gerlach. The food show kicked off the show. The culinary show is made with Australian Antarctic ice fish, sashimi-grade red thorn shrimp and Korean beef, and made into a dessert with Australian national food Vegemite concentrated vegetable spread. Among the demonstrations, the Heshideng beef is more nutritious than the general shepherd beef. It has rich oil-flower distribution, the low melting point of oil, and retains the sweetest flavour during cooking. It is soft and juicy. The delicious eating experience is similar to Australia and cattle.

While sharing Australian food with Taiwanese consumers, the Australian office representative Gao Gerui is also a champion of Taiwanese food. When the Taipei Michelin Guide was released last year, he also asked the secretary to buy him a special book. I heard that Michelin in Taipei in 2019. The food guide will be released next month, and the high representative is also looking forward to it. (Prohibition of drunk driving, excessive drinking, ̇ harmful health)

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