Australian Fine Foods


The Finest Australian Dairy Products

Australia has a well-earned reputation for producing fine, natural, high-quality dairy products. Our lush pastures, unpolluted waters and clean air are ideal for milk production. Australia has a strong Italian population and has embraced their bold and creamy flavours, particularly when it comes to cheeses such as parmesan and mozzarella. Australian dairy companies are also deservedly well known for their product innovation and freshness.

At Australian Fine Foods, we strive to partner with the best independent suppliers to source a diverse range of these fresh and innovative dairy products. We always aim to offer the latest products as they become available.

Our suppliers are renowned for producing only the best and are all committed to constant attention to quality.

Our extensive dairy range includes:

  • Bold parmesans 
  • Fresh and aged mozzarellas
  • Traditional cheddars
  • Specialised hard and soft cheeses
  • A wide variety of natural and fruit yoghurts
  • Cultured milk drinks
  • Healthy dips and spreads
  • Butter and margarine
  • And more…