Australian Fine Foods


For our company testimonials, Australian Fine Foods is no doubt, a remarkable supplier not only do they provide high quality products, they also have an unparalleled level of Customer Service. Every inquiry, assistance and issue clarifications are carefully attended to by their very responsive staff... all business concerns are very well managed with no waste of time, effort and resources.

Othmar Frei

General Manager, Werdenberg Incorporated, Manila

We are 18 months into a 3 year Supply Contract with AFF, to date, we have found everyone at AFF to be professional and helpful in all areas of the business. We have enjoyed developing our supply relationship with AFF and look forward to a long and fruitful journey together. The administration conducted by AFF is of the utmost professionalism with all agreements, purchase orders and payments all being delivered within the required timelines. It is a pleasure being a supply partner to AFF.

Jen Christensen

General Manager, International Business & Logistics.
Beston Global Food Company

We partnered with AFF about 2 years ago looking for someone who was experienced in Asia, and who had a strong reputation in this region. Grove relies on AFF using their experience in contacts, consolidation and local industry knowledge, to help us launch into this important market. We were looking to establish a relationship with a long term partner with similar beliefs to that of Grove, offering high quality products & service whist dealing with short shelf life fresh products and the challenges that they can present. The fit has been perfect..

Brett Attridge

National Business Manager, Grove Juice

Over many years I have conducted business transactions with Australian Fine Foods (AFF) without disappointment. AFF’s overall management of the process from procurement to delivery is carried out in a first class manner. The procurement /delivery process run on time with no hiccups. Isolated within Asia and being able to source the luxury of a Chiko Roll , brought joy to one and all. With each transaction the level of communication provides piece of mind as things go smoothly. I would be happy to recommend AFF to prospective clients..

Frans Reynders

Remote Site Specialist, Pan Australia

Australia Fruits has been supplying Australian Fine Foods for 5+ years. Not only are they the ultimate professionals but they are extremely nice people too. They require us to supply the highest quality product for their valued customers and working with them is a pleasure for our trading team. Communication is excellent and they have always work within their terms of trade. Its been a pleasure serving such a good, well-grounded company. We wish them all the best going forward and look forward to growing stronger together.

Vince Brullo

General Manager. Australia Fruits, Australia