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Your guide to Australian beef

Australian beef is one of the most loved cuts of meat made available by the Australian food industry and enjoyed around the world. According to Meat and Livestock Australia, Australia is the world’s third largest exporter of beef and veal.

Over 78 countries received 1.1 million tonnes of Australian meat and veal. Australian Fine Foods, a meat exporter based in Australia, contributed to that total by handling the export of a wide range of Australia’s top butchery products to customers in the Asia Pacific and countries beyond.

As Australia’s premium exporter, Australian Fine Foods not only supplies the best Australian food products for export, they export some of Australia’s (and the world’s!) most popular steak cuts.

Australia’s 5 most popular steak cuts

The Australian beef industry produces a broad range of high-quality cuts of steak for fresh foods Australia export. These include:


1. Rump steak
This lean, full-flavoured steak is a favourite often served to diners in Australian pubs. It represents great value and is known for its great beef flavour.

2. Fillet steak
Many say this is their favourite cut of steak. Known for its tenderness, it is a lean cut that delivers a mild and subtle flavour. It is also extremely juicy.

3. Scotch fillet steak
Also known as the Eye Fillet Steak or Tenderloin Steak, this cut is noted for its leanness and mild, subtle flavour. It is one of the most popular Aussie steaks available.

4. Sirloin steak
This steak is also known as the Porterhouse Steak or New York Steak. It is lean, tender, juicy and rich in flavour.

5. T-bone steak
Often served at Aussie BBQs and named after the shape of the bone that features in this cut of beef, the T-bone offers two different textures – a tender fillet on one side of the bone and a juicy sirloin on the other.

Not all Australian meat exporters are the same

Australian beef producers take care to produce the best quality meats possible for Australian food export. When it comes to preserving that quality during export, no one does it better than Australian Fine Foods. As premium Australian meat exporters they have outstanding quality control systems in place, including state-of-the-art chillers, superior packing methods and quick shipping arrangements, to ensure that quality is maintained, without exception.

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