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What you need to know about importing Australian goods

Every country has different importing laws and government regulations when it comes to importing goods. If you are considering importing Australian goods into your home country – fresh food products in particular – it pays to partner with an Australian food export specialist.

Without an Australian export company on your side, issues can arise during the import/export process that cause delays and extra expense.

An experienced Australian export and import partner – such as Australian Fine Foods – will help you to navigate the import process and will pave an easy path to success.

5 things to consider when importing Australian fresh foods.

1. You must follow the law. There are laws and regulations that govern the import of goods into your country, and different laws can apply to different products. The laws can be complex and change often, making it hard for you to ensure your knowledge is current. Australian export service provider Australian Fine Foods can help you to ensure you comply with local laws.

2. There will be complex paperwork to complete. You know your core business very well and are successful at it. However, because importing goods is not something you do every day, you may be unfamiliar with the paperwork you need to complete in order to achieve compliance. Australian Fine Foods can complete the paperwork on your behalf, and we will get it right the first time.

3. You may need a licence or permit. Depending upon where you reside, in order to import goods into your country you may need a licence or permit. Australian Fine Foods understands the licencing requirements of countries around the globe and can help you to get things right when it comes to Australian food export.

4. Product labelling rules may apply. Certain goods may need to be labelled in certain ways. As a premium Australian exporter of quality foods, Australian Fine Foods is familiar with all labelling requirements and can ensure the products you receive meet your local requirements.

5. There may be local duties to pay. Depending on the goods you’re importing, you may need to pay an import duty. Australian Fine Foods can help you to understand the payments and make them on your behalf.

With the right Australian export and import company as part of your team, the process of ordering, shipping and receiving Australian fresh foods is very easy.
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