Australian Fine Foods

In 1982, Massel released its first 100% plant-based range of vegan stock to the Australian market. The goal was to make a healthy, affordable, stock with great flavour that could be used by everyone – regardless of dietary restriction, religious belief or lifestyle choice.

At the very base of the release of the range there were three founding principles.

  • Plant-based products are better and healthier.
  • Better and healthier plant-based products are not just for vegans and vegetarians; they’re better for everyone and must be just as tasty as or tastier than a meat-based equivalent.
  • Affordable plant-based products are the way of the future. They make sense for us all, are better for the leaving planet, the world community and for our pockets!

Today in 2020, Massel products are many, they are all plant-based and in line with Massel original three rock solid principles. They are the very best in the world.