• Dairy analysts watching European weather closely

    John Droppert, Dairy Australia senior analyst, said the current European drought may affect milk production.

    Brighter prospects of higher Victorian farm gate milk prices, due to a downturn in global milk supply, may be dampened by a sharp jump in production costs, according to analysts.

    Dairy Australian senior analyst John Droppert said there had been a drop in New Zealand production and a cold, and wet spring, in the northern hemisphere.

    “The Europeans went through quite a bit of fodder,

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  • Is Cheese Good Or Bad For You?

    It’s no wonder people are confused about whether it’s good to eat cheese, when even food experts are divided. Some argue that we’re not eating enough of this important source of protein and calcium, while others say the high levels of salt and saturated fat mean we should be eating less.

    Whatever your position, it’s becoming increasingly hard to avoid cheese. Whether its grilled halloumi with poached eggs for breakfast, pumpkin and feta salad for lunch, or pepperoni pizza for

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  • Dairy Foods, Sport & Fitness

    Dairy Foods, Sport & Fitness

    Whether you’re a serious athlete or you’re exercising for your general health and fitness, nutrition is fundamental to your performance.

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  • Dairy Nutrients

    Dairy Nutrients

    Calcium is just the start of dairy foods nutrient package. Milk, cheese and yogurt provide over 10 essential nutrients!

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  • Dairy and your Health

    There are a lot of myths about dairy foods. But we’re here to set the record straight.

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