• Australian food products receive a new look with country-of-origin label

    Australian food products receive a new look with country-of-origin label

    Food products from Australia don a new country-of-origin label in its packaging.

    In an effort to standardise and authenticate food products sold in Australia, the government along with Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) implements a new Information Standard that includes a country-of-origin labelling system—Country of Origin Food Labelling (CoOL) Information Standard 2016. This label explains where the raw materials and/or the product itself was made.

    The label consists of a bar chart, descriptive text, and with or without the

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  • How to shop your groceries like a pro

    How to shop your groceries like a pro

    Going on a trip to the supermarket is a tricky task. Admit it, you never go grocery shopping and come out with what you just really came there for, you always come out more than what your shopping list says--like that bag of salty crisps that is “on sale” or that pack of sugar-filled juice that you got “3 for the price of 1”. You feel so proud of yourself afterwards because you think you got a sweet deal, but

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  • More support provided to farmers of South-West Victoria

    More support provided to farmers of South-West Victoria

    Last year, March 2018, a fire devastated south-west Victoria—ripping through Gazette, Garvoc, Terang, and Gnotuk--wherein over 18,000 Ha of prime dairy farmland got caught including 56 dwellings, 3,000km of fencing, and about 1,000 heads of dairy livestock, making this the worst fire conditions of the season. 7,000 tons of fodder were also destroyed, to which was replenished by generous donations. The first to respond were the emergency services from all over the state including the Country Fire Authority (CFA), State

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  • Saputo takes over Murray Goulburn

    Saputo takes over Murray Goulburn

    Global dairy giant Saputo last week settled a $1.3 billion takeover for Murray Goulburn, in what is one of the quickest transactions in an industry notorious for being able to get farmers' approval for deals. Just two years ago, Murray Goulburn was suffering a crisis. Ari Mervis, the chief executive was tasked to do a repair job of the company. He needed to manage the market share and put the cooperative on stable footing. He knew that capital is essential

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  • Australian drought affects agriculture and dairy industry

    With the ongoing severe drought in Australia, its agriculture continues to suffer. Based on the recent forecast of the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), farm production drops by 3% to A$59 billion this 2019-2020 season. Additionally, earnings from exports will also decrease by 4.5% with the decline in beef, wool, lamb, and cotton. Due to this phenomena, Australia-owned grain giant, Manildra Group was forced to import high protein wheat from Canada until the end of

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