Edward's Health Co


Founded in 2016 by Director Ian Edward, Edward’s Health Co. is an Australian based organisation developing innovative products aimed at the Asian and domestic market places.

We are the creator of the world’s first Manuka honey water featuring four flavours, Lemon, Lemon Ginger, Pomegranate Hibiscus & Blueberry.

Since our foundation we have prided ourselves on the end-to-end development of innovative products you certainly haven’t seen before; ‘Mynuka’ is the first of our labels to hit Asian shores and domestic shelves in 2017. A 350ml Manuka honey RTD beverage.

About Manuka

Manuka honey is made by bees that feed on the flowers of the jellybush, it is distinctively flavoured, darker, richer than regular honey and native only to Australasia.

World renowned for its amazing health benefits known to indigenous cultures for centuries, it holds an antibacterial component that completely sets it apart from other forms of honey and doesn’t lose potency when exposed to heat, light or dilution (enter Mynuka). It also consists of four times the nutritional content of normal honey.

Edward's Health Co