• Dairy Situation and Outlook October 2016 +

    New Zealand, Australia, and (increasingly) Europe are seeing milk production track below year-ago levels. Demand is presenting a mixed picture, with China returning to growth, while other markets are more sluggish. Buyers have been more actively seeking product, but resistance to further price increases is building. On balance, further recovery into 2017 is likely, albeit overlaid with ongoing price volatility.

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  • From mining to dining: Can Asia save Australian farmers? +

    From mining to dining: Can Asia save Australian farmers?

    East Asian demand for Australia’s food and wine has put a smile back on the face of many farmers. The next battle: turn a cyclical boom into a sustainable export expansion.

    In the notoriously fickle business of farming, optimism is slowly returning. Rising East Asian incomes, falling trade barriers and Australia’s clean-food reputation are fuelling a boom in overseas demand for the nation’s red meat, wine and a surprisingly wide range of other produce.

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  • The Dining Boom +

    The Dining Boom

    Australia’s food and wine industry is the next big thing in China

    Out on Cape Grim, waves roll in from 10,000 kilometres of unbroken ocean to crash at the north-western tip of Tasmania. This was where David Beca, chief executive officer of the Van Diemen’s Land Company, was showing me relics of the farming enterprise’s savage start.

    We drove out from Smithton, the main town nearby. The road went past a grand gateway – now disused – and turned to dirt. The company’s first sheep station was established here in 1827. We passed through a group of Georgian-style buildings that once housed

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